Everyone wants to make money while in business, at least that’s sacrosanct for any business-minded individual. But the difficult part is actually getting people to spend their money on your product or service. As a business owner, you may have a cool product or service, but have you given a thought to how you appear to the outside world?

Imagine being handed a business card and see someone with a Gmail. What readily comes to your mind is, “How can I trust a business with an email address that ends in @gmail.com?” You’re already forming an impression about that business—a negative one, I presume.

Branded email gives you that excellent opportunity to clear doubts that your small business is legitimate. When you build an online presence for your small business using a branded email, you’re invariably telling potential clients that you’re ready to do business with them and can be trusted.

Five reasons why you should opt for a branded email.

1. It makes your Business looks more Professional

If you really want to be taken seriously in the business environment that you find yourself, then having a branded email is a must. You give a wrong signal when you send out an email from a free account ending with @gmail.com or something of the sort, which is not professional in any way.

With a branded email, you appear more established, serious and trustworthy. People will not see you as a fly-by-night business trying to swindle customers of their hard-earned money.

A branded email may just be the difference between a business that succeeds and that which flounders.

2. Your Brand gets the opportunity to Shine

Your brand is seen in the body of every email you send out alongside the email address. That immediately gives out an impression that you own a website and people would want to take you seriously.

With a complete and consistent brand, you will be perceived with an extra level of professionalism and in that manner, it will further expand your brand. Aside from the mail, you send out; your email address could appear on blogs when you comment or when you add your email to a directory site.

With a branded email, you have a perfect opportunity to promote your brand, as you can put your email on your business cards.

3. Your Email is less likely to go to the Spam Folder

Do you have an idea that some businesses block emails coming from a free email account? So if you’re trying to save money using a free account, remember it could cost you millions in lost sales in the future.

Consider a scenario where you’re following up on a couple of hot leads with a free email address. You have sent out emails yet no word from them. Unknown to you, all the emails were flagged as spam, and by the time you decide to call the potential clients, it would be too late because they have already hired your competitor.

4. Enjoy Tech Support whenever you need it

Another benefit of having a branded email address is that you don’t have to worry about tech support. Your web hosting company will provide you with a phone number to reach them on, live chat and email support if you ever run into any problem. And you can rest easy at night because your data is backed up on their secured servers

5. Manage Website and Email Address in One Place

In business, every second count. You probably have a couple of accounts that you log into every day. With a branded email, you’ll be saving time. This is because you can manage your email using the same control panel that you use to manage your website. And what is more convenient than that?

Small businesses can make a big statement through self-promotion and branding. Branded email allows you to do both. Anytime you send out an email with your corporate email address; you’re increasing your company’s brand awareness. Through this medium, you will get the simplest and cheapest way to market your company.

Tap into this goldmine; it’s worth it!

Resources for branded emails.

You can start with your domain hosting provider; they will sometimes give you an allotment of email addresses that you can use. However, personally, we would recommend a third party such as G Suite from Google (starts at $10 per user per month), Office 365 from Microsoft (starts at $8.25 per user per month), or Zoho Mail from Zoho (starts at $2 per user per month).

Each of these providers has a long-standing history and top-notch equipment running their email servers which is great for your mission-critical business communications. No one wants to be in the position of being in the situation where you might miss an email if the server goes down.

The extra cost of going with one of these providers instead of leveraging the email that would be provided by your domain hosting company is slightly more, but you get access to more email storage above and beyond what you would typically get with your hosting provider. That means a lot fewer email quotas being hit with full inboxes. As well as all three of them provide additional tools such as document writers, spreadsheets, and integrations with other systems.

Contact us if you need guidance on which direction to choose or help setting things up. We would be happy to assist.