The development people

Utopian Concept is a family-run business based in Indiana. Established in 2013, we’ve created a modern team of professionals across the United States.

We’re passionate about creating websites and applications of the highest standard. We love helping people find creative ways to build their business and achieve success.

We’re a small team with a big difference – our extended team of developers and SEO experts is based across the world.

Our distributed team gives us access to a wide pool of knowledge and expertise, with the flexibility to scale up and down to suit different projects. We would only work with people who meet our strict quality of standards.

Drop us a line, we’d love to work with you!

A Digital Agency

A completely distributed team leveraging technology to provide the best solutions for you.

Forward Thinking

Whether it’s microservices or blockchain development, we are constantly looking ahead at the latest trends to find creative solutions to help your business succeed.

Problem Solvers

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Customer Support

Constantly striving for 100% customer satisfaction. We can be reached day and night for any issues or questions you might have.

Our Story

With over 16 years of quality experience in IT consulting, Database Administration, SharePoint development and administration, web and mobile apps developments, etc., we have certainly come a long way to be revered for what we do.

Our programming skills are not limited to one industry—from insurance companies to eCommerce, document management, and down to government agencies.

We deliver tailored-made technological solutions, which are in line with your business objectives. And with our vast experience that cut across a wide range of projects and environments—and also across several technology stacks— your ideas will hit the ground running even before you know it.

  • Design 80% 80%
  • Development 95% 95%
  • Solution Architecting 85% 85%
  • Consulting 90% 90%
  • Internet Marketing 75% 75%
  • IT Administration 95% 95%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%