Your shiny website looks great having invested a few thousand dollars, and it runs perfectly well, and you’re excited about the job well done.

Just as people are taking care of their cars and houses, don’t you think your newly launched website would need same care?

If you think your website is worth the investment to create, then it’s certainly worth the investment to be taken care of. If you care for your website, it will reward you in the future.

A website care plan not only gives you protection from outright online failure, but you also get peace of mind knowing full well that your online asset is safe, even when you’re on vacation or asleep.

Things Fall Apart

If you’re one of those that would rather choose to neglect their site and hope thing would fall into place just like that, then you have to think twice. This is what will happen: first, things will start to wear out slowly, and you will notice the site does not load as fast as it should. The next thing that will happen is that your ranking will be affected and it will start to drop off gradually.

And if it is neglected long enough in the cyberspace, it can become a possible target for hackers.

Why you Should get a Website Care Plan


1. Up-to-date Website Software

With a good care plan, you don’t need to fret because everything about website software update will be taken care of and you will get peace of mind. It is important to have someone who knows your site to handle this for you.

2. Secure Backup

Even if anything goes wrong, with a secure backup, your site will be up and running in no time. Instead of spending thousands of dollars rebuilding your site and be offline for a week or more,  a care plan will save you all that headache and get you moving as quickly as possible.

3. 24/7 Security Monitoring

You can get nasty intruders off your site with a constant security monitoring. Security problems are nipped in the bud before hackers even have an opportunity to do their worst and wreck havoc.

To guard against everything from unauthorized content change to a broken HTTP connection and outright hacks, constant security monitoring keeps a watchful eye on the domain’s homepage, including other subpages and directories. Alerts are sent in case of any suspicious activity.

4. Great Support

With a care plan, you get a truly worry-free website experience through top-notch customer support, including security mitigation, core updates and personalized consulting.

5.  A Clean Website

Old data hanging around clutters things up and slows your site down. Visitors leave shopping carts abandoned in the website aisles. These take up space on the server; even old copies collect digital dust. What you need is someone that understands what it takes to clean all that up without deleting any important stuff.

6. Monthly Reports

This is yet another way you can get rest of mind. Everybody wants great value for whatever service they are paying for. With a good care plan, you get monthly reports about your site and how it is being maintained to keep it in an optimal condition.

Above all, never neglect the need to get a website care plan today. You’ll be doing yourself a big favor!